Advanced technologies

Japan has built itself a reputation for extremely high manufacturing standards. In fact, “made in Japan” is synonymous with top quality. This engineering and manufacturing expertise is underpinned by scrupulous attention to detail from concept through to the final product. Customers have come to expect that Japanese products are reliable, well built, dependable durable and professional. Shindaiwa is all of these.

Global leader in low emission engines

We want all our engines to be as efficient as possible, this means low emissions, quiet operation, low vibration, lightweight and highly durable without sacrificing the high power we are renowned for. Our decades of expertise enable us to achieve these goals. In fact, Shindaiwa is now the global leader in the production of low emission engines. We are over achieving in terms of satisfying increasingly stringent emission regulations, creating engines with extremely low carbon footprints and superb fuel economy. 


World Class Technology

With facilities around the world that all work to the same, Shindaiwa standard and a record of over 60 million units produced we are one of the leading manufacturers of low emission engines. Our standards have never dropped, whatever the price point we guarantee a professional grade product. It’s no surprise, then, that customers the world over have come to rely on the quality and performance of Shindaiwa tools for their daily trades.


From raw materials to the finished product

At Shindaiwa we control manufacturing from the raw materials through to the finished products. It’s our philosophy to be at the heart of the entire process. With lean manufacturing techniques and state of the art technology we optimize efficiency in order to maintain our global competitiveness. Products are assembled using a balance of human craftsmanship and advanced automated robotics, resulting in the highest quality products.